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FEWA Lab use the Black Kite smoke monitoring system to study prescribed fires east of the GTA

Published on: 2024-05-16

MSc research, Grant Chenier, led field testing of the UAV/Drone-based Black Kite smoke air-quality monitoring system across a series of prescribed (controlled) fires managed by Jay Sickel and his expert team at Lands and Forest Consulting. We collected some really critical data that will provide direction for the next phase of the project that we collectively hope to start in fall 2024. Grant has done amazing work in building the air-quality sensor system (named: Black Kite after the Australian fire spreading bird-of-prey) from scratch and undertaking some really challenging field work with gusto! Well done Grant! Also, big thanks to Lands and Forest Consulting, Northumberland County, and the Nature Conservancy of Canada for allowing us to undertake our research on the smoke released from these burns; this is truly collaborative, intersectoral work at its best!

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