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We’re Excited to Reveal Our New Logo and Website

Published on: 2022-08-23

After several months of planning, designing, and building, we are launching our new logo and website!

It was important for us to capture the essence of FEWA Lab in our branding. The logo’s modern line design depicts the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air). The weaving and crossing paths represent the interconnecting environmental systems that FEWA studies and the circular shape itself is the earth.

We created a website where viewers can easily find information and stay up-to-date with the latest lab projects and news. On top of that, a focus has been put on highlighting our amazing lab members and encouraging perspective students to join.

Our creative partner on these projects was The Keller Creative based in Picton Ontario. We encourage you to check out their website and portfolio.

Let us know what you think of our new logo and website – all comments and feedback are welcome.

Recent Projects

Wildfire Modelling

Wildfire Modelling

The FEWA Lab interest in wildfires continues to grow. 2023 will see primarily student led wildfire modelling projects that will examine wildfire smoke emissions and wildfire danger indices to help improve our understanding of fire using numerical tools. One of the...