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FEWA Lab statement on recruitment

It is a primary goal of the FEWA Lab to provide an equitable, inclusive, and unbiased (consciously or unconsciously) research environment that aligns with NSERC’s and Queen’s University’s frameworks on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

To achieve this, Dr. McLagan budgets specifically for the FEWA Lab to hire international trainees and build research projects that are of interest to a diverse range of potential candidates. Projects that involve international research focus on hiring researchers from the countries/regions where this research takes place by identifying candidates through international collaborators, targeted positional promotions, and contact from interested students. The FEWA Lab builds meaningful collaborations with local researchers, officials, and communities to ensure that we produce quality research based on meaningful collaborations that not only target our specific objectives, but critically also those of our collaborators and partners. It is the collective goal of the FEWA Lab’s international research projects to have impact and make contributions in the countries/regions they are based.

Both lab PI, Dr. McLagan, and trainees seek institutional training on EDI issues (i.e., through Inclusive Queen’s). EDI topics are also addressed in group meetings though guest speakers, open group dialogue, and private meetings with trainees on EDI topics. Different trainees thrive in different aspects of research, be that different analytical systems, presenting, writing, scientific outreach. The FEWA Lab is a collaborative space that provides trainees multiple means of engagement and allow them to share their unique skillset strengths and learn from others in their needs areas through an approach focused on internal group collaboration and shared training.

By removing barriers for members of equity seeking groups in recruitment, training, and the specific research topics that the group will conduct, we ensure the FEWA Lab is open to all and perhaps more poignantly – successful; we firmly firmly believe that the inherent diversity of humanity is our greatest strength.

Open Positions

Post Doctoral Fellow specializing in (Mercury) Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Information & Submission Details

2x PhD positions: (1) studying wildfire emissions; (2) tree mercury cycling and archiving.

Information & Submission Details

To apply see information and submission details PDF.