Queen's University

School of Environmental Studies
Dept. of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering

Fire, Earth, Water, Air Contaminant Biogeochemistry Lab

Lab Principal Investigator: Dr. David McLagan

Understanding the connectivity between enviromental systems

We have set out to develop global strategies to reduce the impact of pollutants on human and environmental health. Our research utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach allowing for greater quantitative and qualitative assessment of this impact.

A team committed to environmental stewardship & understanding the impacts contaminants have on natural systems

Lead by Dr. David McLagan​, our lab consists of a diverse group of students and researchers that ​strive to build meaningful research collaborations both in Canada and abroad.

Lab News

David McLagan featured on Emerging Environments podcast

David was interviewed by Prof. Karen Smith and Prof. Stu Livingston from the Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto on their really cool podcast called Emerging Environments. They chatted about David's path in research, mercury as a...

Research Projects